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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Well I made it to mile 2.4 on my 4 mile walk home last night before Peaches caught up with me.  I am pretty sure I pushed myself a little too far.  I was super sore last night and had to get up in the night for some pain meds.  I was also DEAD tired this morning, it's amazing how tired I get.

Tonight I will be just doing a mile around my house, no hills and super slow.  One of my babies had surgery to rebuild his cruciate ligament 6 weeks ago and part of his physical therapy is 'curb work'.  Basically we do an 'S' pattern on and off the curb, so he gets some felxion in his knee.  This is very slow going and since I am also recuperating I think his pace will just fine.  Peaches will also be putting through my paces with some upperbody stuff, I use 5lb dumbbells and do most of the exercises on an exercise ball (sometimes even with one foot raised!!), so my core gets a work out too. 

MandaPanda is always motivating herself with a race or goal and I have decided to follow her lead.  I have signed up with three other friends for the Dirty Dash on July 14th.  This is a 3 mile obstacle course with LOTS of mud pits.  Some people are really hardcore, they view it as a race, but there are beer stops along the way for gosh sakes, so in reality it is pretty laid back.  I don't want to be humiliated and not be able to climb the stuff so I am going to start training for it.   There is also a mini triathlon in September that I have been eying....that seems a little scarier then running around in the mud with a bunch of drunk people.  I am going to still have to think about that, work on that kick that fear's A**.  I am looking at gyms and a personal trainer, maybe that will be the motivation I need to sign up for it.

It feels good to post that up here, not so scary when I really look at it!  Yay for Workout Wednesday, let's get our sweat on!!  

 Dirty Dash BABY!!


  1. The Dirty Dash sounds awesome!!! I know you can do it...and I love the idea of beer stops along the way. Thanks for the shout out :)

  2. The Dirty Dash does look like fun. Good for you for registering!

  3. Congrats on signing up for the run. I find that keeps me motivated.

    I have been through the curb walking with my little man. He still refused to cooperate. We ended up swimming him, which helped. Thankfully my parents have a pool because there aren't many public pools that will let you bring a terrier in with you. Also I guess that it was in summer cause buuuurrrrrr.

  4. Hey there! I just found you as I saw you stopped by my blog and are following me! That dirty dash sounds amazing. I think I may try a warrior dash this year. Maybe. : ) Looking forward to getting to know you! - Cat at One Slim Cat