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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Puree in, equals puree out

Well I am rocking the purees, but my digestive system is not really loving it.  On Monday it was a one full months of liquids, so I think it might be protesting it a bit.  I spent a lot of the night in the potty and I will be working from home today so I don't need to worry about any shared restroom embarrassment at work.  Peaches also went to the store before work to pick up some flushable wipes, as my bum was hurting a bit.  I LOVE to work from home, I get wear yoga pants and tee shirts, multi-task with laundry and dishes and cuddle with my puupies and kitties during conference calls.

All went well yesterday with my Barium Swallow, everyone seemed pleased with the placement of the band.  My surgeon thinks I will be ready for a fill when I come in for my one month visit.

One thing I have not talked too much about is my goals, I don't really have a goal weight.  I know when I was in college and playing rugby I weighed 150-155, had a six pack and was pretty solid, but I just don't see that being where I want to be now.  After talking to my weight loss doctor I have picked a tentative number of 175, but will just wait until I feel good and stop I guess.  I do have one number and date in mind though, that is 190 by November 15th.  For Christmas this past year I got Peaches a 12 day trip to the Costa Rica (he has never been out of the country).  And a lot of the activities have a weight limit of 200 on them, so by the time we leave on Nov 15th I would like to be at least 190 (leaving some wiggle room) so I will be able to ride horses, zip line and parasail.

This post is kind of random, I know.  But I wanted to update everyone on my gym tour yesterday.  It was with Apex Personal Training and Fitness.  The owner and the two trainers I met were awesome, they realized that I have special nutritional needs and asked for more information on what that would be.  So instead of just trying to force their stuff on me, they wanted to learn about what my nutritionist suggests.  I did not feel one ounce of judgement for my weight or surgery and even felt a little excitement from them at 'getting their hands on me'!!  The gym is small, but has everything I might need.  I also got a new '10 pack' pass to the yoga studio in town that I love.  I still have two weeks before I am released for lifting over 10 lbs and serious working out, but I think I am ready for it!

Two different times I found myself just staring into my open fridge, prowling for something to eat.  Thankfully I didn't have anything too bad in the house, but if it had been there I think I would have shoved it all down!!  I am not really hungry, I just want my mouth!  So the first time I went to the fridge, I did the laundry and wiped down my washer and dryer instead.  The second time I took two of my pups for a walk.  If I am conscience of it, I can catch the behavior and avert it, but sometimes it just sneaks up on me, then it's like nude mud wrestling to get it in line.  I just keep telling myself I am building new habits, and on those new habits I will build my new life.


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  2. You are doing great! Love keeping up with you. I'm so close to getting my band I can taste it (is that the wrong analogy to use? lol) and it's nice to have a newbie to follow and see what i'm about to go through! :)

  3. Hey Morgan :o) I cannot imagine being on liquids for a whole freakin' month. Kudos to you. I hope your bootie is feeling better.