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Monday, April 16, 2012

Back from the Doctor!

My doctor said everything is looking good, I was finally able to remove the last of the steri-strips, yah!!!  However my surgeon has asked for a barium swallow test, because she used a large band and just wants to make sure everything is still where is is supposed to be on the inside.  I will be doing that tomorrow morning and I am a little nervous about it.  (I talked to Peaches about this, he assured me I am good at swallowing and have nothing to worry about...hahahahaha.) But really I am letting my what-iffer and anxiety kick into overdrive!!  What if it was too lose and has moved and they have to do surgery and my insurance won't cover it for some reason and ...and ....and ...well that's as far as I have gotten so far.

I am going to start going back to yoga, going to a slow and gentle class tonight.  I am hoping this will help me center myself and find my chi again, I seem to have misplaced it!


  1. My first fill was done under xray with barium. It isn't pleasant but they serve a purpose. The point is to monitor how your band is working before any problems arise. If you have a large band, it's because it is a better fit than the smaller band. They don't put a band in to be loose but it does need some expansion room. I'm sure the point is just to check how you've healed inside rather than to look for problems and it is standard for large bands but if you are still nervous, call your doctor and ask her why she's doing it, what she's looking for and what she expects the results to be. xx

  2. I just read all your posts, LOVE your sense of humor and can't wait to see you transform before my eyes :)

  3. I have the large band also, my surgeon does the barium the first time you get a fill and/or the first time you go into the office... the barium was no big deal! Wayyy easier than I expected. A shot glass of a chaulky white goo... LOL apparently you are used to that... haha!

  4. Everytime I get a fill I do the barium xray thing... I like it because you can actually see your restriction, which helps me in my constant battle with my head! xxx