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Monday, April 30, 2012

**WARNING** Graphic content

It's been four days now, since I was able to make a #2.    I am eating fiber chews twice a day, taking EFAs once a day and drinking a ridiculous amount of water.  I pee 500 million times a day, but any #2  is stuck.  I have called my weight loss doctor to see what I else I can do to help this, because it is getting ridiculous.  Even the poopy I had on Thursday was like birthing a baby or what I imagine having a baby is like.  There was cussing, sweating and lamaze breathing involved.

Eating (or not eating) has been hard, hard, hard.  I am still on pureed food until Wed, when I hopefully get my first fill.  And believe me, I NEED that fill.  I am supposed to only eat 1/2c of food at a time and I am doing my best to stay there, but I am sure I am eating more than that at least half the time.  I am also snacking, I don't stay full very long if I even feel it at all.  I am still making good choices, my snacks are applesauce or sting cheese.  I just want the restriction back that I felt the first couple weeks!!  I noticed that I have one little stitch sticking out of my port incision that I hope my doc will take care of while I am in there.  Peaches just wants to pull on it really hard, I am worried that I will come 'unzipped' and all my guts will fall out or something!

I will also get cleared for exercise other than walking on Wed, I hope.  I want to get my personal trainer party started!  I am really anxious to get in the gym and get my sweat on.  This weekend I picked up a pair of New Balance shoes for the gym, they do not allow outside shoes in there.

This weekend I had some really strange pains in my band area when I woke up in the mornings.  It would go away after two or three hours, but felt like a cramp.  Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks for all your advice with the family next door, I have not made any choices on what to do about them.  I am really worried that if I complain to anyone about it they will try and hurt my animals again.


  1. Hey, not sure how you feel about OTC stuff, but a lot of us bandsters have the same issue with the potty. I use Miralax everyday. Mix it up in some crystal light- it is like magic, no more issues! :)

  2. I had the same poop issues. I think it was day 4 or 5 that the poop gods finally answered my prayers. Don't let Peaches pull on your stitch!!

  3. I am over 2 years out and I still struggle with the poop problem. It's the main reason I have to be so committed to water intake bc no water = no poop and that is BAD BAD BAD. I hate to say it but your digestive system is still getting adjusted to your new way of eating. Plus, heavy protein based diets can lead to constipation, ugh!!! If your doc is okay you might wanna try a stool softener bc pooping rocks is no fun.

    I also had a similar situation with the stitch. On one of my scars I had what felt like a piece of fishing line sticking out. My doc just "tugged" it out for me bc she said it didn't "dissolve" like it was supposed to. I agree with RB Barbie, though, let the Doc do the the tugging not Peaches. :)

  4. wait wait wait....I will address the TMI issue....but I am UBBER concerned about the hunger thing....I am eating about 1/2 cup 3-5 times a day and I am FULL....this feeling doesn't stay? When were you banded again? And have you had any fills?

    and I would D I E if I couldn't #2 at least once a day....although....I guess we are probably putting in a LOT less food versus before the band and there just isn't as much to push through....

    1. Megan your so funny .... I was thinking the same thing. We are just alike.... Hunger first... Poop 2nd

  5. I had the same problem after surgery and I still do if I don't add fiber to my protein drinks or take fiber gummies every day.