All about Minimizing

Friday, April 13, 2012

A new day

A great big thank you everyone that helped for me to see that I am only human and there is always tomorrow.  

Yesterday I wore a pair of pants that rubbed on my port all day and by 1pm I was hurtin!!  I went home and changed into yoga pants and worked from there for the rest of the day.  I set my kitchen timer for 10min and every time it went off I would take a couple drinks of water (I saw this idea on another blog and I can't remember whose, sorry!).  By doing this I was able to get in a total of 80oz, over half of it at home!!

When Peaches got home we did some measuring in our yard, we are doing sod in our front yard.  Also we are putting in some raised garden beds in the backyard with gravel paths in between and a sandbox for the puppies.  I am hoping by having their own area that I will bury treats in I can keep them from digging up my lawn (fingers crossed).   Then we took a trip to Home Depot and got all the stuff we would need to get these projects done this weekend.  I will post some before and after pics when we are finished.  I am sooooo excited about my garden and flowers and lawn.  I love to be outside all summer, even if I am a super crabby jerkface for the week or two that we are over 100 degrees.  However, this year is has become apparent that our fence needs stained, here's the kicker on the staining a fence....there are TWO sides to it!  TWO!!  So just when I get done with a section and feel all good about it, I have to walk around it and start all over.  It's BS I tell you!  And to top off our summer projects we need to either paint the house or put together some fundage for siding.  I am all for the second option and seeing as how we were ready to self-pay for my Band and now don't have to,  I say go for it.  Peaches on the other hand is more money minded and wants to paint one more time and side in two or three years.  I HATE PAINTING!!!

I am putting together a shopping list and menu options for my transition next week into PUREED THINGS!!  I have a slight texture issue so the thought of just dropping a chicken breast in a blender or eating baby food out of the jar makes me barf a little.  So I am looking for some creative, protein packed puree ideas.  So far I have found Edamame-Garlic, Refried Black Beans, Cauliflower-Zucchini and a Butternut Caramel Flan.  I plan on adding some poached chicken to the first three to protein them up! 

Your support and advice to just get over myself was just what I needed yesterday, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I did end up telling Peaches last night and he just said that he's sure I didn't break my band and it's not the end of the world.  I have anxiety issues and sometimes when my switch gets flipped, I can't back it down.  Anything can quickly become the be-all and end-all.  I am no longer on my meds for this and have not had a full blown attack in almost 8 months but I still have the tendency to get buried under the issue in my head and need a lifeline to find my way out.  You all were that lifeline yesterday!!


  1. A new day is right and you're doing fabulously! As for the pureed that the same as soft food? I didn't have a pureed stage...but for soft food, I was all about cottage cheese with marinara on top. Mucho yummy!

  2. I hate painting!!!! Everytime I have tried to paint something with my husband we have almost gotten divorced. HATE HATE HATE painting.