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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Crazy Weekend

Whew!  Life has been throwing little poop balls at me for four days now!  On Friday about 17sec before I left for the weekend I get a phone call from my manager.  Apparently there was a big project that someone forgot to mention to our department, a project that needed to be ready for print by today at 2:30p.  I spent about 4 extra hours at work on Friday, 5-6 hours working at home on Sat morning, 9 hours on Sunday and was at work at 5:30a on Monday.  After a review meeting on the project yesterday, I spent another 6 hours working from home last night and another early morning and FINALLY we are done!!  I have my life back.

Here are my most recent stats, my boobies are shrinking daily.  I have already started a little savings account for plastic surgery, because mama wants a perky pair of boobies eventually!

Date Neck Arm Bust Chest Waist HD Hips Thigh Calf Weight
03/05/11 16.75 16 50.25 42 45.5 53 49.25 31.5 17.5 295.5
03/18/12 16.75 14 48.5 40.5 43.25 52.5 48.5 30.25 17.25 263.4
04/01/12 16.5 14 47.5 41.25 42.5 52 47.5 30.25 17 253
04/08/12 16.25 14 47.25 40 41.75 52.25 47.5 29.5 16.75 249.8
04/16/12 16.5 14 46.75 39.5 41 50.5 47 29.25 17 246
04/22/12 16 14.25 46.5 38.5 41 50.5 47 29 16.75 243

Started week two of purees yesterday...and it can't go fast enough!!  I have taken several small liberties this week, like string cheese and cottage cheese.  These are not specifically on my 'approved' list, but I thought they would be ok.  I don't really ever feel physically full anymore, not while I am eating 1/2c at a time.  Any feeling of satisfaction I get from the food lasts about 2-2.5 hours, so I am ready for a fill already!!  FO SHO!!

On a side note...has anyone else discovered the deliciousness that is Downton Abbey?  OMG, hot British guys...yum!!  In the small amount of down time I had this weekend I watched the first season and will start the second sometime this weekend.  Total sexalicious drama!


  1. I have been meaning to watch that on Net Flix. By the way, I am amazed at your stats in such a short time period :o) FABULOUS!

  2. You are shrinking! Good job on keeping track of your measurements. You'll be happy you did that.

    I have been meaning to watch Downton Abbey!