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Monday, April 16, 2012

I need another weekend!!

I came to work this morning feeling cheated, like I didn't actually get a weekend.  BOOOO!!

For Christmas Peaches and I gave his brother and sister-in-law a gift certificate to a Chico Hot Springs Resort (this amazing little hotel with a HUGE naturally heated pool and an amazing restaurant), along with a 'coupon' for a weekend of babysitting.  They cashed in this past weekend, so we had Niece 1 (10 yrs) and Niece 2 (4 years).  Friday night we took them for pizza, Sat night we bar-b-qued and rented a movie and yesterday the girls and I had a 'girl' date and went to lunch and to see Mirror Mirror.  I love to be Auntie Morgan for the weekend, but holy cracker jack kids are a TON of work.  I really admire all you moms out there.

We also got all of our landscaping done in the yard, whew!!  I thought the rototiller I rented was going to be one of those cute little things that you just walked behind....WRONG-O!!!  It was a huge beast of a thing that nearly shook the poo out of me if I tried to use it.  Peaches did the tilling while I used the power rake and mowed.  Then we both shoveled dirt, sand and gravel.  Now I am pretty sure I pinched a nerve or something, my left side is weak and tingly. 

On the band front, I go for my two week visit with my weight management doctor and nurse today.  M, my nurse/guru, will be going over the Pureed Stage with me and I will start on that tonight!!  I can't wait, it makes my heart happy to think about getting closer to solid foods.  I am kind of nervous though, the batteries in our scale are dead and they are these weird 3v disc batteries and it seems like every time I am at a store I forget them, even when they are on the list....maybe it's a sub conscience thing.  Anyway I have not weighed myself since last Tue!!  I am thinking of asking if I could get naked to weigh at the Dr office today.

Something else that has my crazy what-iffer brain going off is my port.  It is still pretty sore and it seems like it is 'taller' now.   Like it is sticking out more.  I start going over stuff in my head, like lifting a laundry basket three days after surgery...did my port flip??  I can what-if anything for hours and hours.  My surgeon did tell me that she sews the port onto a piece of surgical mesh (the kind used to repair hernias) then sews they whole thing to the abdominal wall, she has found that this prevents flipped ports, so I feel a little better.  But I can't quite shut my brain down!!! 

So with my busy weekend I did not read a single blog, but I am using my quiet morning at work to get all caught up on what's been shaking in your worlds! 

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  1. Maybe your port seems to be sticking out more because your swelling is down? Or due to the weight you've already lost or a combination of the two. Hope your appt goes well :)