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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweet, sweet purees....How I love thee

Let me count the ways:
1.     Variety
2.     I get to pretend chew
3.     Varitey

That about sums it up!! 

I had home made refried black beans and chicken, squished up avocado/lemon juice and Greek yogurt for dinner.  It was heaven!!  This morning I had a squished up banana and Greek yogurt, again heaven.  Now I am sure two weeks from now I will be b*tching about the puree stage, but for now I will revel in the bliss that it is. 

I am going to tour a gym right by my house tonight, they have a really cool 'full service' personal training program that I am all excited about!!  For my monthly fee I will get access to the gym, two session a week with my trainer, monthly body composition testing (letting me know my muscle mass vs fat mass), monthly health counseling sessions (where we go over nutrition, goals, lifestyle changes), monthly fitness assessments (cardio and flexibility), exercise assignments for the days I am not with my trainer and the rental of a body bug to track my calories burned and such.  My dad has even offered to pay for my first month to get me on track with my new lifestyle, so I am super excited.  I did have some apprehension about even looking for a trainer, I had a really bad interaction with my a trainer at my old gym.  He basically told me I was cheating and I disgusted him more for doing the surgery than for being fat.  So I emailed the owner of Apex Personal Training and just laid it out.  I am a morbidly obese woman, ready to get my life back.  I am willing to do the work and I have the added help of a Lapband.  Is there a trainer there that would be willing to help me on my journey, if not FINE but be honest.  I refuse to listen to BS.  He wrote me back and said they have several clients that had WLS and his philosophy is they will work as hard as me to get me where I want to be, but they will NEVER work harder than me.  So I set the pace.  I am super excited!!  Also Peaches can join too for just an additional $10 a month.

I came home to a surprise yesterday, Peaches got me a shirt with what will now be my new motto...

 I love the Muppets and I have been facing some hatin on the issue of my Lapband so it really rang home!!  He got it in a XXL, XL and a L, he is sooo adorable. 


  1. That's so stinkin cute! It's great that Peaches is supporting you 100% and being awfully cute/funny in the process! :)

  2. Sounds like Peaches is a keeper!

  3. What is the name of it? I wonder if they have anything like it here? Is it a chain or private gym?

  4. That sounds like an awesome gym!!!! It's not a chain is it? I want to join if it is!!! =)

    I'm happy you are enjoying the puree portion of this journey!! Keep up the good work!!!!!


  5. I just broke up eith my trainer I had for 7 months because I decided to get the lap band. He said the same thing to me felt it was a cop out and refused to be part of my support system. Asshole!!!!! Im still very upset about it
    Your new gym sounds awesome!,,,,