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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where I started, where I am now and where I hope to be

This will be my official 'starting' post.  I have included stats from one year ago when I was at my highest weight.  03/18/12 is the day before I started my liquid diet and I should note that I am 5'9".

Date Neck Arm Bust Chest Waist HD Hips Thigh Calf Weight
03/05/11 16.75 16 50.25 42 45.5 53 49.25 31.5 17.5 295.5
03/18/12 16.75 14 48.5 40.5 43.25 52.5 48.5 30.25 17.25 263.4

Here are the pics. 

As far as where I hope to be....I have a hard time setting goals for myself but I also realize the importance of doing so.  My goal weight at this point in 175lbs and I would love to hit that by one year.

I will let my babies have their very own post, so right now I am trying to pare down the 5,000,000 pictures I have of them into one apiece.  I keep finding new ones and Peaches keeps saying " I don't think they want to see Dhugal's Christmas sweater" or "I'm not sure that you need to post pictures of Murphy's surgery".  It may take a bit but I will be able to make some decisions and get them up (maybe, for sure, I think).

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  1. Good job on taking your measurements. That's the one thing that I regret not doing. :)