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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is really running through my mind today, for two reasons.....

First is the the fact that I went last night to see the movie and IT WAS AWESOME!!  I have read the series and am always hesitant to see a movie based on a book that I really enjoyed.  But there was nothing in the movie to ruin the awesomeness of the story (not like The Horse Whisperer - I am still mad about that 12 years later).  While I was devouring this series in one weekend Peaches, maybe a little upset because I basically ignored him and his 'manly' needs for three whole days, made fun of me for reading 'kid' books.  I am not ashamed of my love for a little Young Adult fiction.  I read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Twilight series and loved every single one of these books.  My chief complaint in the YA genre is the sex scenes (or lack thereof), I am a girl that cannot be satisfied with make-out sessions alone.  I need penetration!! 

Secondly I am in my own set of hunger games, today dawned on day 10 of my two week pre-op liquid diet.  I still find myself hungry, but is it stomach hunger or head hunger??  I find that by eating on a set schedule I am less likely to want to just shove food in my mouth but even when it is not my meal or snack time I want food.  After whining and waffling about this yesterday after I got home from work but before dinner Peaches gave me a good suggestion.  He told me to have a protein drink, if it's real hunger that would curb it.  If it's head hunger I will still have the craving but then I will know for sure and I can crush it with my awesome willpower. 

He really believes in the power of projection, you project the feelings or words that you want to come true and eventually your mind takes these as truth and it happens.  He has been making an effort to somehow fit a projection for my success into every conversation, sometimes in an incredibly awkward way.  Like this:

Peaches - Mo, did you pick up any contact solution?
Morgan - Yeah, it's in the drawer.
Peaches -  I should have known, you have such a desire to succeed there is no way you could fail. 
Morgan - ???????  Weirdo. 

Or he has started to coach me to stop saying 'I am sick of....' or ' I am tired of....'  and instead use ' I am fed up with...'.  Then I will not be constantly reinforcing my brain to think I am sick or tired, but full instead. 

At first I thought he was a little kooky, but what the hey I am willing to do what it takes to be successful and it certainly is not going to hurt me to project some good thoughts out there. 


  1. Ok, I just almost snorted greek yogurt out of my nose at "I NEED PENETRATION!!" and "crushing it with my awesome willpower"...I feel that we need to hang out, immediately. And I think Peaches is right - try the protein will raise your awareness about what your head hunger really feels like, and this is an invaluable tool post surgery. Hugs!

  2. That's a pretty strong reaction to assuring him you had contact solution. LOL.

  3. HILARIOUS - penetration and success.. love it!