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Monday, March 26, 2012

So, so close

I now have 6 days, 15 hours, 8 min and 3 sec  until I am a bandster!!!  Usually I make a spreadsheet that helps me countdown to something awesome, like vacation, but my technologically minded hunny bun downloaded an app for my phone.  He is so smart!

I think I might actually be ready for this.  I don't want to say that too loud or the poop cloud ju ju will land on my head.  However, today I paid my contribution to my surgeon, the surgical center and the anesthesiologist.  I also got confirmation from my HR department that my FMLA and PTO are approved for next week.  I have gone over everything that needs to be done with the person that will be handling all my projects while I am out.  My giant list of anything and everything I thought I might need, is filled.  I really think I am ready for it!  Now I am just mad at my surgeon for going on vacation with her family and making me wait an extra week, the nerve of some people.  

I am pretty frustrated with my dad right now and that makes my days seem longer.  Peaches and I are babysitting my dad's dog while he and his SO are out of town and he has never taught his dog about the magic of the snooze button.  The snooze button needs to be respected and treated with the dignity.   But nooooooooo, as soon as Anna hears that first alarm she is up and at em!  I am a chronic snoozer, I set my alarm for 5:15am when I have no intention whatsoever of actually getting out of my bed before 5:45.  It drives Peaches NUTS but I really feel that I get better sleep in 8 min increments for that last half hour.  So my days have not only been 30 min longer last week so far this week, but (and I feel this is the really important part) they have been 30 min earlier!!  Ridiculous I tell you!!  B*tches be trippin!  My dogs have to be physically roused out of the bed in the morning to go outside and do their business, that's because I trained them right.  I will be having a talk with my dad when he gets home.  

And one more thing!!  I walk/jog home from work everyday and for the THIRD time in 6 months I came within a ladybug poot of being hit by a car while crossing the street...when I was in the crosswalk...and the little flashing light guy told me to do it.  What the eff is wrong with people??

Now I am going to take my happy and excited and oh so tired @ss to bed and try to make up for the 30 min of snooze sleep I lost this morning.  We are now at 6 days, 14 hours, 52 min and 27 sec OR 158 hours OR 9,531 min OR 571,900 sec OR 5,718,863,540 milliseconds.  My prediction Peaches is going to rue the day he downloaded this app for me. 

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  1. I am totally a snooze kinda girl too...but I start a whole hour before I really intend on getting up. I can program my snooze to be however long I want it. I do 20 minute snoozes (which means I get 3 for the hour). It drives The Rockstar crazy too (especially since he gets up after I leave) and like you, I swear that is when I get my best sleep.

    The next 6 days will fly by! So excited for you!