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Friday, March 23, 2012

The struggles of the non-creative mind

A very good friend of mine is a scrapbooker, actually to describe her as a scrapbooker is like describing Hot Dutchess as a little pooch.  She is a SCRAPBOOKER, one whole room in her house is dedicated to it.  With shelves and boxes and drawers full of all the accoutrements.  It is really quite amazing.  Anyway, she has tried on several occassions to get me to scrapbook with her and as the hungry hungry hippo of creativity, I have turned her down.  I do not have a creative bone in my body, I suck the creativity out of the room.  But when I was talking about ways to document my journey, I mentioned this blog but also talked about having an 'inspiration' board.  So Ms. Scrapper gave me a little present on the night before my liquid diet started, it's a Smash Book.  Like a mini scrap book, it even comes with a nifty little pen that is pen on one side and glue on the other.  She also picked up some cute pockets and note paper and stickers to go along with it.  Then she gave me the pep talk 'It doesn't have to be creative or pretty or make sense to anyone but you!  Just find some “dream” pictures and stick them in there.  No pressure.

Now being the ridiculously anal retentive person that I am, I fell back on my safety net.  A list!  I love lists, I have even been known to make lists of the lists I have already made, for reals, I may or may not have a touch of OCD.  When I started my list I had all the stuff that sits foremost in my mind:
·         Painting my toenails
·         Horseback riding (at one point in my life I was quite the horsewoman)
·         Yoga
·         Running
·         Cute clothes, not ones that come appliquéd with Winnie the Poo or giant flowers (Not that I have anything against flowers or Winnie the Poo, but I do like to dress with a little pizzazz!)
I could go on and on forever.  Then I asked Peaches if there was anything that he hoped I would get out of making this change.  He gave me his adorable little grin and told me that he wanted me to start wearing lingerie again.  Once upon a time ago I liked how I looked, I liked to get dolled up in sexy undies and shaking it for my man…..So I jumped online to a lingerie website and together we picked out my ‘goal’ outfit. 

This weekend I will take some quiet time while Peaches is doing some drumming and start the process of allowing myself to dream again, of letting go of the fat chain that has been around my neck. 

P.S. I got my first follower last night.  So a big thanks to you Rockband Barbie, you make my heart sing!


  1. Rockband Barbie sent me over! Good luck on your surgery!

  2. Rockband Barbie sent me over! Good luck with your surgery!

  3. Oh- and I support running! One of my favorite things I got "from" this surgery.