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Saturday, May 26, 2012

TTT a little late...

I missed TTT so I am just going to hit it a little late!  

1.     Tues was the 5th anniversary of my mother's death.  It's always a hard day, but I try to do something to honor her memory and this year I volunteered to be a chaperone on a field trip for a class at the local 'juvenile' detention center.   My mom devoted her life to helping kids in crappy situations, she would have appreciated this.

2.     My 'Jillian' trainer had another client at the time I was requesting so I agreed to work with someone else, he is a hunky young pup (Mr. Muscle) and I HATE him!  Well...I love and hate him at the same time.  If we are doing step-ups and he wants to add resistance and I whine a little bit about it, he just says 'Great!  You just bought yourself two extras, want to keep going?'  When I told  him I hated him, he just asked 'Isn't that why you come here, to hate me?'  He is pretty awesome! 

3.     In February one of my puppies blew out his knee and had surgery to rebuild his cruciate ligament, all was going well with his therapy and recovery until Thurs.  I came home from work and he was not putting any weight on his leg, his knee was swollen and hot.  We are going to the vet in 30 min to get it checked out.  I am sure he blew it out again, now I am faced with a shitty we do another surgery or just do what we can to keep him comfortable.  Affording the surgery would be a little hard, I would either need to dip into our 'NEVER EVER' use savings or take out a loan from my 401k.  Also he is almost 10 years old (and a big dog) and this will be his 3rd surgery in 6 months and that can be hard on an old dog.  It breaks my heart to think of him in pain and I have been crying on and off all morning.  

4.     My portions have slowly been creeping up in the last week, my weight loss has stalled and I have some major urges to snack.  I scheduled an appt for a fill next Wed.  I can't wait!!  Peaches is going to go with me and is excited to see the huge horse needle they use. 

5.     I went in on Monday to see my weight loss doc and M, the facilitator, for my 6 week check up.  Everything is looking good!  My lean mass has not changed at all, this means I am not losing muscle mass, and my body fat percentage is down by 10% since I started my pre-op liquid diet!!  I had a perma-grin during my visit.  While I was there M asked me if I would be alright with their marketing department contacting me for participation in their ad campaign.  I agreed right away, they want to do a 'story line' on me, basically they will follow me on my journey.  Also there was talk of a billboard or TV commercials.

6.     My manager told me that I will be going out to NY in June for some training on a new software program that is being introduced to our department.  I will be in Bethpage (on Long Island) for a week and I am super excited.  A friend of mine, who lives out there, already got tickets for us to go see Wicked and we are planning on a trip to the Comedy Cellar while I am there as well.  

7.     We got a new addition to our family this week, his name is Gideon (I re-named him, in honor of one of my favorite novel characters).  A friend of a friend had him for several years and due to some medical issues needed to get rid of him.  Say hello to Gideon!   

8.     I love living in Montana!!  I have lived in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas and none of these can hold a candle to Montana....however I hate surprises like the one I woke up to this morning.  

The snow was super heavy and I lost some branches off my baby Red Maple because of it, boooo.  

9.     I think one of my nieces spilled something on my laptop, my 'V' and 'B' buttons are really really hard to push and feel kind of sticky.

10.     As soon as I post this I will be heading to the gym to do a little treadmill work.  I made a commitment to a friend of mine (she is also a bandster turned crazy marathon runner, much like Terry) to run a half marathon in July 2013 with her Missoula, MT.  I told my trainer about this goal and he has put together a training plan for me to use.  


  1. Loved the post sounds like everything is going very well right now. If you get on a billboard ..... Man that would be freaking awesomeness.

  2. ok....#2....I would have frowned on the outside and then MELTED inside.....#3....I have been there if you read my post about Ben so I am crying for you...

    and I posted TTT late, too....what was with this week?