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Thursday, May 3, 2012

First fill baby!!!!!

Got my first friggity fill yesterday!!  Yah!!  My surgeon has done over 800 Lapband surgeries and just recently (3 months ago) had her first and only slip/removal.  She told me about this at my first meeting with her and let me know that she was going to be more conservative on fills because of it.  She made sure I knew that this was just her personal view and there is not proof, but was VERY clear that she would not be dropping a whole lot of saline up in my belly right off the bat.  I have a 14cc band, 4cc in a surgery and an additional .5cc yesterday....that's right she THAT conservative!!  She said to give it three weeks or so, see if the weight is still coming off.  If not then we will re-evaluate.  I was a little disappointed when I left, I knew I was signing up for the slow train when I chose band over bypass, but some part of me (probably stupid crazy face Blanche) was hoping that there would still be some element of melting fat.  I called Peaches after I left the Dr office, he gave me a peachy (hahahaha) little pep talk that helped me remove my head from my a$$.  I am back on liquids for two days and my 1/2c soup kept me full all night, so maybe she knows what she is doing.......

Dr. H also removed my lone little stitch (which hurt WAY more than the fill) and cleared me to start getting it on with my trainer...well not like 'getting it on' but you know.  My trainer is a super hot chick, Peaches would be a happy boy if I got direction from my doc to get it on with her!!  I am going to meet with her on Friday and get our schedule all worked out.  The gym I decided to go with had a choice of five trainers, they all have a BS in either exercise physiology, but that is where the similarities end.  They all have very different backgrounds and personalities, but when I heard they called one 'Jillian' I knew she was meant for me.  I want someone to get in my face and kick my a$$.  She also used to be overweight, so can appreciate where I am coming from.  And what it means to love sugar and grease with every fiber of your being.

Last night was a support group at the Weight Management Clinic, it was for post-op only.  I met another bandster and she had just been through some tough stuff with her band.  Her port flipped then she got super stuck on a piece of steak and had to be almost totally unfilled.  She gave all this information in the beginning of the session, so I started having a major 'what-if' attack in my head (Effing Blanche!!) 'Maybe I should have gotten the bypass....What am I going to do if I have to have another surgery....blah blah blah'.  So I sat and sweated for 45min, doubting this whole thing.  Then at the end she talked about her frustration and said that she knew she was too tight, for TWO months she ate nothing but soup and protein drinks.  The weight was coming off pretty fast, so she thought why mess with a good thing.  Then she tried to eat some steak and it got stuck, like STUCK and ended up in the ER for an unfill.  After that I felt sooooo much better.  The band is not meant to keep you from eating, it's not supposed to cause you to vomit every time you eat.  If that is what's going on, then you need to contact the doctor!!  My faith was restored that if I use this the way it was intended then it can, it WILL work!  After group M, the clinic facilitator/nurse/insurance guru pulled me aside to see if I would like to be the guest speaker for Lapband at the informational seminars.  Of course I agreed wholeheartedly, my first one will be next Thursday.  Basically I will just go over my experience so far and let them question me to their hearts delight. 

Ohhhh yeah!  Do your doctors use frigging horse needles when they do fills?  Sweet baby Jesus, it was like 5 in long!  I almost called the whole thing off.  Dr H did numb me up before she did the fill, so really all I felt was a little pressure and this weird tugging feeling in my tummy.  Strange!! 


  1. Hello, my name is Reggie. I too love sugar and grease with every fiber of my being. Can we also add cheese to this list?

  2. Glad your first fill went well! It does stink that you have to go slow, but it's definitely worth it in the end!

  3. Fills were a lot less painful then I thought they would be. I had the same problem with a stitch and it hurt like hell.

    I hope you feel some restriction with .5, sometimes it doesn't take much.

  4. Congrats on the speaking engagement I love that.