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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lots to tell!!

I had a crazy busy week last week and it just keeps on coming!!  I have a lot to tell so I am going to do some bullets....
  • I got my fill on Wed afternoon, I waited 2.5 hours in my surgeon's office but I was NOT going to leave without some more saline in my belly.  I was at 4.5cc in a 14cc band, she said she gave me a whopping 1 cc, but I kind of feel like she is lying.  I don't feel anything, I eat my 1/2-3/4c and I am STARVING two hours later.  
  • I spent the rest of Wed and all of Thur on liquids, but when I had some grilled salmon and brussel sprouts for breakfast on Fri, I got a wicked nasty pain in my tum-tum.  As soon as I would swallow I would get a stabbing pain that lasted for 10-20 sec, then go away.  Another bite and another stabbing pain.  I called Dr. H and she told me that I could either come in for a slight unfill or go back on liquids for a couple days and wait it out.  I went back on liquids until Sat dinner time, I got a little bit of a pain with the first two bites (nothing like the day before) and then I was fine and no more problems!  Weird!!  
  • Friday I cut 8in off my hair and colored it.  DARK auburn!!  I love love love it and Peaches thinks I am a hottie, even more so than before.  We celebrated my new hair-do this weekend....several times!
  • Sat night I went dancing with the ladies, sporting my new hair and my new SIZE 18 JEANS!!!!! (I started my pre-op on diet on 03/18 at size 24).  While we were out I ran into a friend of Peaches' and he told me like 20 times how good I was looking.  He also texted Peaches and told him how good I looked.   

  • Sunday morning I got up and made breakfast and then played in my yard!  I made a tower of pots that I just love! 

  • Sunday I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman, I have a serious girl crush on Charlize Theron and I was a little saddened to see her in the old lady scenes, but the movie was great!!  Not for kids but a good movie.  Even Kristen Stewart's mouth-breather face couldn't ruin it.
  • Lastly I returned to work Monday to a little present from one of my best friends!  She said she saw this magnet and thought of me. 
  •  I took my two month bandiversary pictures and will be posting them soon!  I just need sometime to breath. 


  1. OMG! LOVE the hair! LOVE the shirt! LOVE that you are in size 18's! Girl you are rockin' it! :)

  2. What a week! You look great! Keep it up.

  3. 1) Wow, you look incredible!

    2) Love the hair.

    3) How did you make the tower of pots? I need one! xx

  4. Where is the stabbing pain? Wondering because I have it on my left side recently after I eat. With liquids plus my vitamins (there are many), it is quick and passing. With solids it hangs around a bit longer. Especially at night. Wondering if it means I am truly close to actual restriction!

  5. You look great! Wow, 18! That is fabulous!!!

  6. OMG MORGAN... Love the cutesy hair...and 18 jeans. Listen it's on now I'm chasing your tail. By Fall I best be there ....

    Jeans are so hard for me to buy skinny little waist and big ass combo.

  7. You look fabulous! Love the pots! And it takes time to get to a good restriction level...remember...patience is a virtue. :)

    P.S. Sounds like you've got a little first-bite syndrome going on. I wouldn't mess with an unfill...I've struggled with this as well...just gotta go REAL slow with the first couple bites. Good luck!

  8. Morgan, you are now my girl crush. You look great and can you pretty please tell me how you made that pot tower?