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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Thank you to Laura for giving me a great way to do a little rambling!  I want to just tell everyone that sent good ju-ju my way on the safe return of my kitty, THANK YOU!  Mr. SmugCat strolled in yesterday after I got home from the gym, just as cool as anything.  No thought to how he worried his mother to death, no cares about staying out all night.  I think the overwhelming snuggle and hugs I subjected him to may discourage this inconsiderate behavior in the future. 

1.     The stupid animal shelter in Billings is closed on Wednesdays, that means they don't even return frantic, crazy voicemails.  I went down at noon but could not get in to search for my big boy!  I even pounded on the door a little...I am a scootch ashamed now but was desperate then. 

2.     I worked my hiney off with Mr. Muscle last night, it amazes me how many horrible ways to torture me he can come up with.  Just when I think I have seen the worst of him he adds in something  else to my circuit.  Last night his method of torture was Burpees, 30 FREAKING SECONDS OF THEM!!!!!  30 seconds is nothing, like four blinks of an eye, a little commercial, it really is a short amount of time.  Unless you are hauling your 230lb ass up and down off the floor with a push-up thrown in 'for fun'.  I wanted to die, but he said if i stopped more than once then I would be doing an extra 15 seconds.  I kept going but by the third time through my circuit my legs burned sooooo bad, I almost couldn't stand up.

3.     When I was done with my 30 minute strength circuit, Mr. Muscle set me up for my cardio.  He choose a spin bike for me yesterday, I did 3 min with no resistance hard and fast, then one minute with lots and lots of resistance standing up and as fast I could.  You would think that the I would be dreading the one hard thigh-burning minute, but with that itty bitty little seat stuck up my butt crack I was welcoming the chance to stand up!

4.     This morning in the shower I could not figure out why my coochie was hurting, it felt a little bruised.  Then I remembered having an itty bitty bike seat stuck in my butt crack for 45 min yesterday and it all made sense.

5.     Peaches' family owns a cabin on Georgetown Lake it is only a four hour drive so we try to get up there as much as possible during the summer.  They have a boat so we water ski (well I try really really hard), go tubing, wake boarding, along with just swimming and diving.  We are making our first trip of the summer tomorrow afternoon and I am sooo excited.  Here is the view off the deck.

6.     I just checked the weather report, it will be snowing at the lake on Sat and Sun.  There will be no water skiing or swimming but we will still hang out with the family, play some card games and eat (a resonable amount) of yummy food.  I know for some people with a band it can be nerve racking to go away and not know what kind of foods will be there, I solve this by offering to do the menu and shopping for the whole family!  Pretty smart girl here!

7.      I am getting super duper excited for my trip to NY.  We are at the lake until Monday evening, just enough time for me to come home and do laundry, pack, sleep a little and be up at 3:45a for my 5:30am flight on Tues to NY.

8.     I will be traveling with one other person to NY.  He works in the same department as I do and he really kind of drives me nuts.  I am dreading driving on the Long Island Expressway with his comments and big mouth.

9.     My brother came into town last night for some business stuff.  I love my brother and don't see enough of him!  We stayed up super late chatting and talking about animals and plants.  I wish he and my sis-in-law lived closer.  I wish I had a pic, but they are funny couple.  Josh is a 7' meat and potatoes guy, Gina is a 5'3" vegan.  I don't know how they do it, but they make it work.

10.     I will not have any internet up at the lake so I will not be posting until Monday, so have a great weekend everyone!  Again thank you for sending good thoughts my kitty's way, I truly believe in karma and ju-ju and I feel you all helped get him home! 


  1. Have a lovely time! So glad your kitty came home x

  2. I would have done the same thing if one of my kiddos had gone missing.

    #9 - they say opposites attract.

  3. I know I am late, but I am glad your kitty came home. I hope you had a great time at the lake.

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