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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Poopy Wednesday

One of my kitties is missing and all I want to do is cry.  We have a doggy door and my cats can get outside, two of them never leave the yard but my big siamese will wander around a bit.  He ALWAYS comes home at night and he didn't last night.  With my crazy neighbors I just can't help but start what-iffing. 

I checked the animal shelter website and they have a list of strays they picked up and there is a chocolate point siamese listed but it is listed as a female and I have a male.  I have my fingers crossed that they messed up and it really is my boy.  They open at noon and I am watching the clock soooooo slowwwwwwly creep to noon when I will run down there and check for him.  Uggggg, it's a yucky yucky Wed. 

Last night I went to work out, normally on my non-stregnth training days I run on the treadmill but thanks to the HUGE blister on my right foot (from some uber cute wedges I wore dancing on Sat night) running was hurting me.  I did the recline bike for 45 min on a hill program on level 9.  I made it 10.6 miles and my average RPM was 90...I was a SWEATING FOOL!!!!  I still get so much satisfaction from sweating, maybe today after my work out with Mr. Muscle I will have him take a sweaty pic of me, so you all can love my sweat too!! 

I have not stepped on the scale for four straight days, it was not moving and it just made me mad.  I can tell from my body shape, clothes fit and comments from people that I am moving in the right direction so I say 'EFF YOU SCALE'!!!  Everybody say it with me 'EFF THE EFFING SCALE!!!!'


  1. I almost threw mine against the wall today. I have not weighed myself since last Friday, but I was the same today! Nothing not a damn pound. that scale and me are going to come to blows, and i'll win because i'm bigger.

  2. fingers crossed that you find you cat soon. My dog went missing once and it was the worst feeling in the world. we had a happy ending so I hope you do to.

  3. So sorry about your kitty :( I hope they have him! I support your "eff the scale" movement. That thing is a big fat liar that is there to build you up just to piss you the eff off! :)

  4. 'EFF THE EFFING SCALE!!! lol.

    On a sad note, I'm very much hoping that you found your kitty. I cannot imagine. Sending positive vibes your way!

  5. Boy cats have there wandering ways. I hope the shelter has him or he comes home by himself quickly.

  6. So sorry about your lovely kitty! I'm sure you'll get him back. Also, I know what you mean about sweating, it's so satisfying (and only a bit gross!) x

  7. "Eff the Effin' scale!!!" Totally...

    Sorry about your kitty. Crossing fingers he's found soon!